March 20, 2024
Deal Closed! $9.5m Towards the Acquisition of a Multifamily Property

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Stabilis is pleased to announce the closing of a $9,500,000 senior secured bridge loan for the acquisition of a multifamily property in Niles, OH.

Stabilis funded a borrower looking to opportunistically purchase and reposition a historically mismanaged 304-unit multifamily property. Throughout underwriting, Stabilis worked with the borrower to resolve complexities and develop an appropriate structure and capex budget. The property is in a strong market, and the borrower has significant experience acquiring and repositioning multifamily assets.

Contact: Juan Robayo, 212-256-8968,

$2M - $75M
Loan Amount

SOFR + 5.49%
Starting Rate

12-24 Months

1st Position
Senior Secured

Loan Buyer